Last Update – May 2017

Due to some technical issues we have relaunched our BETA Forum.  See more details below.

This is our BETA forum page.

Please leave any comments, questions or topics below.  We have been asked to launch a forum by many visitors but we want to ensure there is enough demand before doing so.  Just pop in and say “hi” if you have no particular statements to make.

Based on response we will launch a full fledged forum here sometime in the future.  You can see other Dodge A100 community groups and other links on our Resources page.


  1. Looking for parts ’68 Travco Family Wagon .hammock,pads for step at front door,fan for rear,owners manuel What do you have?👍

  2. Looking for body parts,panels. Have two A100 pickups,one 7 window cab. Any info welcome. Found a Web site for a Dodge graveyard some time ago but lost it, they had acres of old vans and I can use those parts.

  3. Looking for a shift cable… Does anyone out there have an extra one???? Help.
    Project almost completed but can’t drive it without shift cable. It’s a 1965 A100 pickup. Thankx

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